Response Responsible!

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Just because you are a teen doesn’t mean that you don’t have any responsibilities. Of course you do, for instance you always need to keep yourself clean so that you won’t get sick and everyone would not feel weird or awful when they are with you. You also need to keep your grades good so that you won’t be delayed in moving on with life. I always say that teenage life is awesome if you live it the right way but I’m sure you don’t want to get stuck in there.  And I’m sure you don’t want to miss out what’s up with the college life. Right?

Sure, sometimes being responsible is demanding and most of the times, you’re too lazy to do it. Well don’t worry if that’s the case because that really happens to all of us. It takes a lot to become consistently responsible. I myself still experience fluctuations in my responsibilities.

Responsibilities are your own choice. Be sure that you can handle something when you decided or said that you will be responsible for it. Because most of the times, people just take and take everything without even knowing the gravity of the things they are taking. This I say to you, be smart, be analytic when committing to a responsibility. Though sometimes, taking and backing out of a responsibility is not within your grasp. Sometimes, the only thing that you can do about it is to man up and take the responsibility. Because if you don’t you’ll be seen as a cowardly low life with no guts to even take a single responsibility and that sounds really awful so I’m sure you don’t want that.

You might think responsibility is a bummer but it is not. It helps you become a better person. It helps you grow as a person. It helps you gain experience in life. It helps you to be mature which simply mean moving on with life. That’s what it is, the more you get responsible, the more you are moving on with life. And the more you move on with life, the more you will be able to have not just an awesome teenage life, but an awesome overall life! Just be sure that you move on the right way.


Mistaken The Youth

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Waddup teen? By now I’m pretty sure that you are getting the hang of the awesome teenage life. If not, just visit the previous topics and read it again. You might pick up something new. Well anyway as you can see, the picture has a big X mark in it. It’s the symbol that I used to represent the word “Mistake”. As if it’s not obvious yet. Moving on, mistakes are the things that come out from “Teen Decisions” as discussed on the “Teen Decisions V.S. Responsible Decisions” article, mistakes are the things that you wish you never did because it was wrong and sometimes it didn’t made sense. You don’t realize that by wishing you never did the thing is that you are committing another mistake. Because instead of moving on, there you go. Thinking about the mistake and getting stuck into it. For days most people would think about their mistakes and sometimes will feel so bad or guilty that it would stay with them for an awful lot of time. This is what most people do when they shouldn’t. It’s really weird.

Most of the times, mistakes tend to bring you down and make you lose your confidence which is by the way a very big no no in the teenage life. So next time you commit a mistake, don’t mope in a corner. Instead, held your head up high and be confident to tell the world that you have learned from your mistakes and that you are never going to make the same mistake twice.

So you see kids, mistakes also bring positive effects. Mistakes give you experience not just in life but to a lot of things. From this mistakes, you will grow up and learn from this mistakes that will eventually make you a better person. If there is one thing that I must tell you now, I say, don’t be afraid to commit mistakes for they will teach you a valuable and important lesson in your life. Mistakes are inevitable. They are part of everybody’s life unless you are “PERFECT”. 

Super.. Motion.. Wait. What?!

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Oh right! It’s suppression of emotion, the thing that I’m gonna talk about in this article. Seriously kids, suppressing emotion? What do you think you are? Some kind of massive volcano that would explode once it gets to its boiling point? Or yeah, something like that. You ask why I’m addressing you? It’s because many of you suppresses their emotions. I know it because I’ve already done it lots of time. Let me get this straight, suppressing emotion is the act of not letting out what you feel. But the question is, why suppress it? Teens have a few reasons why. One is because you think that you are not in the position to voice out what you feel inside. Another is that because you think that you don’t have the power to do so because you’re just a kid that shouldn’t meddle with old people’s conversation. And most of the times, it’s only because you are shy. Which are all certainly wrong reasons to suppress emotions. The right times to suppress your emotions is when you found a $1000 bill between the pages of a book, in the library. Another right reason is when you are having a fight with your other half, you’re so pissed off that you might just hit ’em any moment. Of course you don’t want that. Fights can always be fixed with a decent and proper conversation so don’t let physical contact butt in.

So I guess, what I’m saying is that there are times that you should suppress your emotions. But generally, you shouldn’t because it could hurt you more later. If you feel something, whether it be good or bad, happy or sad, tell a friend because expressing something and knowing that someone is listening always feels good. And feeling good is so important to an awesome teenage life. Again kids, don’t be such cowards trying to hide away your emotions. Seriously that’s painful. You must learn to confront your emotions and you should also learn to let it out.

Teen Decisions V.S. Responsible Decisions

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Waddup teens? Bet you got curious about the title huh? Today, I will be discussing about decisions, the bad ones and the good too. I will also teach you some stuff so that you can make good decisions in your life.

First of all we need to know what is the difference between “Teen Decisions” and “Responsible Decisions”. A “Teen Decision” is a kind of decision that is reckless and instant. It’s like there’s no thought applied when making the decision and most of the times, “Teen Decisions” have bad results. On the other hand, “Responsible Decisions” are decisions that were given some thought and it is a decision in which you have full control of and the results of these decisions are way more better than the ones of the “Teen Decisions”.  For example, your crush asked you to go to a concert a month from now. What would your answer be? If you said yes because you liked the girl, it’s a teen decision. Meanwhile, if you said yes because you also liked the ones who will be performing in the concert, it’s a responsible decision. Another responsible decision is that if you had the money to get the ticket for the concert.

When I was a teen like you, I made a lot of horrible teen decisions. For instance, I always put my wallet in the living room where everybody can grab it. So there’s one night that I put it there and go straight to bed. The next morning, the wallet was gone. If only I decided to bring it with me in my room, then that story wouldn’t be that sad. Then this one time, I had a crush on a girl. I talked to her all day at school and we texted all night. Then one night, she suddenly got all emotional and I decided that I would go emotional too and tell her that I really liked her. As you all know, the result is a failure. If only that I think first before I act that would never happened and we might just still be together until this day.

So you see kids, thinking first would do a lot of difference when making a decision. Especially when you need to decide on a very big thing like choosing your career or marrying someone, be sure that you are focused and think properly and sensibly so that you will end up making the right and awesome decision. Remember that we are human beings with rational minds and not animals that only uses their instincts. All of us have rational minds that are capable of making wise decisions so we must all put it into use.

Expect the Unexpected

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The color violet. You were probably expecting that the next thing that I am going to say is something about the color violet. Well I am sorry to say that you are wrong! You have expected the unexpected. Which by the way is the title of this article.

I want to know, how does it feel to be betrayed? How does it feel to get a very different answer than what you have expected? I know how it feels. It is disappointing. It is so disappointing that at times, I’d go to a mall, punch a stranger really hard in the face then go straight home.

Anyway, let’s get to the point now. Expecting is not really bad if you are “Expecting the right way”. For instances, if you studied really hard for the upcoming test the day after and you are expecting to get a high grade, then you are probably going to get it. That kids is expecting the right way. Naturally if there is a right way, then there is a wrong one. “Expecting the wrong way” goes like this. Everyday you see your crush walking by and instead of talking to her, you just stand there and keep staring. But one day, you decided to surprise her and tell her everything you feel and you expect that she would also like you back and it would be a happy ending for everyone. The chances of having that kind of ending is that if you paid the girl a lot of cash or if that girl is really stupid and believes in hopeless romantic stuff. Hate to break it to y’all but hopeless romantic stuff rarely works. It’s one in a million kids. I gotta slap you with reality as early as now so that you won’t go expecting that things such as true love and soul mates work that easily. It does not, like I said it’s one in a million.

So now what am I trying to say is that if you are going to expect for something to happen, make sure that you will put an effort to it. Make sure that when you expect, you expect because it has a big possibility of happening and it is within your grasp because if it is not, then you are just going to lose it all. Always remember that there is no reward without hard work and that leads us to another situation. What if hard work doesn’t pay off? What if you got nothing in return? Now that’s a bitter pill to swallow but at the end of the day, what’s important is that you tried and that you gained something and that is experience. You see kids, experience is very important. It would definitely help you in the long run. Life is a learning process, everyday you will learn new things and it never ends. Life might kick us in the behind sometimes but that’s part of it, and it means that we are learning. So kids, you might be getting tired of the usual closing lines that I use so I would not use that in this article. Instead, I will end this article without you knowing it.

This Paranoia Has Haunted Me Like A Ghost!

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The title of this article comes from a song by a band called ETF. Just one of the best ever! Until the former vocalist was replaced.

Today, I will be talking about paranoia per se. So what is paranoia? In my own opinion, paranoia is a state in which a person thinks about something a lot and is not satisfied with the fact presented to him. Eventually, his mind adds something up to the story that it somewhat makes the person go crazy, restless and angry all the times. Paranoia usually is on the negative side of things. For you teens to understand it better, I will tell you some things that would describe paranoia.

You’re girlfriend tells you that she’s going to go out to buy something. At first  you would be like “Well ok then. Take care honey” But then, as the time passes by and 4 hours has passed since she left. You start thinking like this “Wait! What if she was not really going to buy anything?” And this “I knew it! This liar would only meet up with her ex because she’s still in love with him. I’m gonna kill her” Another instance is when you’re alone at home and you start to hear things downstairs. You would go like this “What the hell is that? OMG! It’s the FBI, they’re coming to get me! But I am innocent. OMG! Mom, dad please come home soon!” So something like that. But the magic that paranoia does is that it shows each one of us our sad and negative nature. Paranoia is a killer, it will hunt us in our sleep. The next thing you realize is that you can’t sleep at all because you keep on thinking of things.

Anyway, now that I’ve given you some instances of paranoia, there is somewhat ways on how not to be paranoid. Paranoia starts when one person lies. Then it will go on like a chain building up until the moment of confrontation. When that happens, TRUST destroyed. But there is really no need for this chain to go this long what you need to do if you have a girlfriend is to  talk to her frequently, share one another’s secrets and most of all tell the TRUTH. Bottom line, be rational and realistic so that no stupid stuff messes with your mind, be vocal so that you can express your buried up feelings inside and lastly, be positive. It’s the one and simple answer against paranoia. So kids, when you have doubts, stop for a while and think. This article now takes you to another step forward to an awesome teenage life! Remember to always stay positive and always keep a smile on your face.

Be A Superhero

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Well let me guess, the first thing that came into your mind when you read the first 4 lines was again “What in the hell is this guy talking about?” Yes I know it, I am that great. Anyway, let’s stop talking about me. Let’s start getting to the point. So a superhero, how can a young one like you you pull that off? Quite impossible right? It would take a lot of workout and some magical stone hidden in a dark cave before you can be a superhero.

Now let me ask you, what do you see in superheroes? I will give you time to think and that starts now so stop reading and let your mind work for even a bit. I assume that now, you already know what it is. For those who were not able to get it, poor you. You would continue on reading without even having a clue on what am I talking about. And I am just kidding. Answer is on the next paragraph.

As you can see, I posted a picture of Super Man. One of the most famous superheroes of all times. But, did it ever came to your mind as to why he became that famous? It’s simple. It’s because he had a red came, he was charismatic, he had that curly bangs that hang on his forehead, he has a body like no other and he wears his pants first before his underwear. In simpler terms, Super Man is a character. That’s right, a character idolized and remembered by many up until this day. The things that I have said is what defines Super Man. If even one of the things that I said was taken away from him, he’s not Super Man anymore.

By now, I am pretty sure that you’re getting what I am talking about.  One of the things you need to survive your teenage years is for you to have a character. Something that defines you as a person. It can be something which you wear, it can be a catch accessory that would get people looking and it can also be your mannerisms which other people took notice of. Because you are in school, it would be easy to pull off because people see you in school everyday and they would easily notice anything interesting in you. Now I assume that you are thinking what kind of character should you portray. That’s good, just keep on thinking of a gimmick that will make you interesting.

But I should warn you, not all of these gimmicks work positively. You should think it through a lot of times before deciding to dive in with that gimmick. Because if your gimmick does not work, you might end up not getting past to your bullies and you can end up being the forgotten guy nobody talks about at school.

To cut the long story short, think of something that would make you stand out in a cool way. Ask your friends before deciding to go with an idea. That way, you can be assured that you are another step forward to an awesome teenage life.